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Talking about AutoCad speed, I was running AutoCad on a Leading Edge dual 
speed (4.77MHz/7.13MHz) XT compatible (8088/8087) and using the San Diego 
Users Group Benchmark, I was able to tweak the computer so that it ran the 
benchmark in just a few seconds over *2 hours*!  When I got the money 
available, I installed an Intel Inboard 386/PC board (16 MHz) in the Leading 
Edge (which, with a 387 chip, replaced the 8088/8087) and ran the benchmark 
in 30 minutes, with no additional tweaking!  Boy, was that an improvement!

I'm still using the Leading Edge (at home).  The problem now is that the 20MB 
hard drive is too small and too slow, so I am going to install a 210MB drive 
when I get the time.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona