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Re: Strange but True (SB 828)

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>Neil Moore wrote:
>> I agree that this is an excellent idea but not politically feasible in some
>> areas.  We use to do plan checking for a city on the San Francisco
>> peninsula and ran into trouble because we were enforcing the minimum UBC.
>> We were dismissed because we rejected a civil-surveyor type's structural
>> calculation's and plan submittal for the fifth or sixth time.
>> If this could become a reality, would there be a way to eliminate the
>> political pressures on building departments by politicians and fat cats?

>You know, this is the second such comment I've read in this thread today.  No
>offense, but I submit that demonizing politicians and legislators as "fat
>for example, oversimplifies the problem the profession faces and reduces the
>situation to "us" versus a now-cartoon "them."  
>Of course, as an officer in a professional organization, I feel compelled to
>point out that an excellent place to start is your local chapter of such an


I appreciate and respect your comments, but I suggest that you read my
Sunday post re: Standing Fiirm, which focuses on Brad Boehm, P.E.  He is
the City of Sacramento's building official who is apparently trying to
enforce the MINIMUM U.B.C. standards.  I know something about this as well
as his history here in El Dorado County where he also went up against the
good old boy establishment.  

For your information, I'm on the county's building department appeal board
which is either a reward or a penalty for supporting Brad Boehm's possibly
quixotical efforts in the past.  I'm also on a committee of architects and
structural engineers for the City of Sacramento and am a past chairman of
the Computer Computation Committee of SEONC.  I'm not as active as I used
to be because like many of the rest of the list, I pretty much run a one
man show, even though I am now employed by a larger firm.

I also may have misconstrued the term "fat cat"; as my meaning was aimed at
large, push the rules corporations AND their political cronys.

Neil Moore, S.E.