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Re: Strange but True (SB 828)

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At 10:59 11/3/97 -0800, Neil Moore, S.E.  wrote:

>Bill and Nigel:
>Consider our local county water board election tomorrow.  Some quotes from
>one of the members "hit" mailer received late last week:
>The mailer's propaganda against the opponent says:  (An engineer)
>"Is Obsessed with a vendetta..."
>"Supports the Regional Water Quality Board's overzealous demands......but
>will cost rate payers anywhere from $12 to $ million."
>"....He made a major blunder, giving it a clean bill of health,..... cost
>E.I.D. rate payers a $100,000 fine."
>"In spite of the troubles he caused, has the audacity to chastise
>The sender of this mailer is the incumbent.  His qualifications?  Well, a
>degree in Political Science with Management and Supervision or an
>Equivalent Bachelor's Degree in Management and Supervision, depending upon
>which mailer you read.  He is also a former real estate agent.
>There is also a second position on this board with an engineer contesting
>this spot.  He was subject to a similar hit piece just before this election
>and also has no way to respond to any untruthful statements by his opponent.
>To compete for votes in this arena requires a very tough skin with the
>capacity to be able to take blind sides and continue on.
>Neil Moore, S.E.

[Bill Cain]

I agree that one is subject to many blind sides.  I've taken my share.
Your skin toughens with experience.  But is that really an excuse for not
participating?  Nothing in this life (at least in my experience) comes easy
or without risk.  The benefits of participating include strong satisfaction
that you've made your community a better place and they far outweigh the
blind sides and other shots one takes.  

In my community, the voters discern the truth pretty well and get really
upset by "hit pieces" full of lies and innuendoes. If you keep your
integrity intact, it is not necessary to "answer" or "defend" every charge.
 Most voters see right through the BS.  They are also pretty supportive
when you ask the hard questions and your decisions are logical and based on
reality even when they disagree with your position.  I frequently get the
comment from community members that they wished more engineers would
participate because engineers as a group tend to see things more clearly
and practically than others do.    We have a good reputation and can do a
lot to improve society IF WE PARTICIPATE!