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Online (Dennis Wish - Don't Read This)

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Note: The following is one man's opinion...

I just received my SEAOSC NEWSletter and was disappointed (once again) that
the Online insert was not included. As time as gone by, I have found myself
looking forward to reading this insert even to the point of ripping out the
staple that seals the newsletter, searching for the Online section and
tossing the rest away. This insert has always included articles that I held
an interest in. As importantly, I really appreciated the personal touch and
humor of the editor (and major contributor), Dennis Wish.

Apparently, the SEAOC has taken a different direction and approach not only
to what is included in Online but also the style. This action supposedly
started from an article Dennis wrote about the trials and tribulations of
running a home office. While I'm sure the "big wigs" at the state level had
no appreciation for the particular challenges of a small office, I for one
appreciated someone talking my language (for a change). Based on this
criticism and censorship, Dennis has lost his passion for Online and, in
turn, we have lost a valuable membership benefit.

There is an opportunity, for those who feel as I do, to let our illustrious
leaders know what we think. I encourage all of you who have enjoyed Online
the past six years to send an e-mail message to:


and to:


There is a committee meeting coming up this Wednesday and it would be very
pro-active of us to voice our opinions. Certainly I expect the active
participants of this listserv to take part, but I also encourage the 1000s
of "lurkers" who also have an interest in the quality of this publication.
If your opinion is anything close to mine, all you have to do is hit the
"forward" icon.

Should nothing change with the future of Online, I want everyone who has
enjoyed this publication to consider a new one that Dennis is working on
called "Independent A and E". Certainly I encourage the companies who
previously advertised in Online to review this new publication because, as
soon as it hits the street, I'm going to subscribe and deduct the costs from
my SEAOC dues.

Bill Allen
(expecting censure any minute)