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Special Inspection, Inspection Agencies and Test Labs

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To Whom It May Concern:
        I have been the target, again, of baseless accusations. I placed
an ad in the November issue of the SEAOSC NEWSletter which briefly touched
on the concept of Inspection Agency accreditation as opposed to Test Lab
accreditation.  I mentioned the "potential conflict of interest when an
Inspection Firm is also a Test Lab".  This does undeniably exist although I
made no statement more specific, no innuendos and don't intend to join in
continued mud slinging.
        Several letters from Test Labs were "shotgunned" out to all SEAOSC
Board Members and others decrying the supposed attack on the "personal and
professional integrity" of sometimes generations of professionals. 
        This potential conflict can, of course, be mitigated through an
approved quality system which provides the checks and balances. Quality
Systems are part of accreditation requirements for both Test Labs and for
Inspection Agencies although the specifics differ for each.
       I've written a response and counterfaxed to all the parties sent
the complaining letters and those that were cc'd and others I felt
particularly interested.
        Rather than take the cyberspace, I've posted a copy of the
offending advertisement and our considered, although lengthy response on my
web page.  In actuality, this has given me the opportunity and platform to
air some serious problems that effect us all.  At no time have I used my
position as Chair of the SEAOSC Inspection Practices Committee or even
mentioned it, but these letters are clamoring for my resignation from that
Committee, a totally unrelated issue!
        For further information, my web page has the answers or allows you
to ask further questions for individual attention.

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