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I agree with Ernie's perspective of tilted and curved shear 
panels. I have a project now that requires shear to transfer to 
a curved wall. I loaded the portion of wall that was straight 
and that portion of the curvature that did not exceed 
approximately 15% of the radius in order keep the loads fairly 
co-planer. I did not use the remainder of the curved wall for 
the same reasons that Ernie presented. The eccentricity grows as 
does the force normal to the curved panels.
Historically, I have limited the use of shear transfers to 
straight walls (in the direction of force) and walls within 45 
degree skew to the direction of force. Any angle greater allowed 
the wall to be used in the perpendicular direction.
I also agree with Ernie regarding the slope of the wall and 
agree that the load path is not eccentric to the panel and wall 
An interesting thread.
Dennis S. Wish PE