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RE: CAD Programs

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I've been using Visual CADD since it's conceptiion, (and before that
Autodesk's Generic CADD), and IMO it is a superior drafting tool compared
to Autocad for structural engineering drawings. It's intuitive, easy to
learn, very fast, and with the release of Autocad 14, (and LT 97), Autocad
can now translate my .VCD converted to .DWG files flawlessly. I really do
think it is a better CAD program than LT 97 which I also have and use

But the rub is, how long will Visual CADD be around, (and other low cost
CAD programs)? As Dennis mentioned,  Visual CADD has changed owners from
Corel to IMSI, and IMSI already has a popular 2D CAD program. I plan on
staying with Visual CADD as long as it is being supported, but I certainly
couldn't recommend it to anyone because of it's uncertain future. Looks
like Uncle Auto has us again!

Larry Hauer

p.s.- Is there anyone else out there stubborn enough to be using this
program, (VCADD), other         than Dennis and myself??