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Re: CAD Programs

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

>Autocad and MicroStation.   The larger the structural firm, the more likely
>they are to use MicroStation... the smaller the firm, the more Autocad is
>Can you all please comment on why this is?
>Intergraph Developer
Yes:  "Bigger is Better!"  ... and so is Bentley Microstation!

The other reason that large firms use Microstation is that most large
firms are multi-disciplined, and heavily involved in public works
projects.  Most government agencies (at least in Texas) require
Intergraph.  On the other hand, many of our private sector clients
require AutoCad.  Fortunately, the two platforms finally have evolved to
where they translate back and forth pretty well.  We have a few Autocad
seats, but they are out-numbered 10:1 by Microstation seats.  Most of
our work, even in the private sector, is happily produced in

Also, way back when, in the dark mists of the days of yore (like, back in the '80s) Intergraph made an exerted effort to capture the DOT market.  By the end of the decade it had captured about 80 percent of the state transportation departments around the country and become the de facto standard for transportation.  They also managed to get the US Army COE to sign up.  Since then Autocad has primarily held the architecture market, with Microstation, Intergraph's descendent, ruling much of the non-architectural engineering world.