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RE: CAD Programs

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...Most people who have used both prefer Microstation.

I can also verify your observation that larger offices use microstation
more often.  Incidentally, we use both, but our structural drafters much
prefer Microstation.  However, most of our engineers use AutoCAD, if
anything.  It has a lot to do with who learned what in school or which
one was available first.  Most of our engineers have not had the luxury
of learning both, whereas the drafters have. It still causes translation
headaches, but not nearly as bad as it useed to be.

One more thought on why smaller offices may use AutoCAD more;  if my
memory serves me, Microstation was a derivative of Intergraph, which
originally required a very expensive workstation, whereas early versions
of AutoCAD could run on a PC.  So smaller offices (and student pirates)
would be more likely to have had AutoCAD first.  And what you learn
first is often what you stick with.

Just my 2 cents.

Tony Powers
HDR Engineering

> I'm a bit biased, I'll say this up front...
> But, no one has even mentioned the second most popular (in terms of
> seats)
> CAD program, MicroStation, written by Bentley Systems, Inc.
> Considering Structural engineering only, there appears to be a direct
> corelation between the size of the structural firm, and the choice
> between
> Autocad and MicroStation.   The larger the structural firm, the more
> likely
> they are to use MicroStation... the smaller the firm, the more Autocad
> is
> used.
> Can you all please comment on why this is?
> JBarr
> Intergraph Developer