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Re: Online (Dennis Wish - Don't Read This)

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>Bill, thank you for voicing your oppinion. I too was very disapointed in not
>finding Dennis Wish's "publication" in the SEAOSC & SEAOC news letter. His
>articles are always so refreshing and very useful and helpful. Whenever I had
>a computer (or program) related question, Dennis is always willing to help BY
>I really wonder, if SEAOC & SEAOSC really know how much Dennis is really
>appreciated by this audience!!!!
>Tony Luisoni
I don't think so or they (SEAOC/SEAOSC) would not have changed what was working. In the same vein, I don't think Dennis McCroskey gets the recognition for the effort he has volunteered in developing and maintaining the seaosc web pages.
To go a step further, I don't believe the seaoc membership is very much aware of what goes on here on this listserv, much of which is seaoc related. There have been a lot of suggestions posted here and discussed that would improve and expand the service of the organization (i.e., expanding committee meetings to cyberspace, putting seminars and education tools on the 'Net) but I am fairly certain that these topics do not reach our illustrious leaders. This is due to the fact that most of our elected leaders are not on the 'Net.
I'm pretty sure I could go through the seaosc roster and not find any e-mail addresses for our officers. Of course, mine's not there either because I did not have one when it was published and I've changed ISPs since. The only one I'm aware of that does have an e-mail address is the chair of the Computer Applications Committee [someone's got to keep me in line :o) ].
If issues like these upset you as much as it does me, I would like to suggest that our officers publish their e-mail address as well as subscribe and participate on this listserv. Around election time, we could print the names of the incumbents who do and don't as well as print names of challengers who do. Maybe this way we could "encourage" our officers to take us a little more seriously.
If you have any other thoughts on this topic, I would be interested in hearing them.
Bill Allen