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Re: Questions on UBC-97 and ASCE-95 Seismic Codes

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Bill Cain, S.E. wrote:

> The 1996 SEAOC Blue Book (6th Edition) addresses the basis for the values
> in the Appendix C, Commentary (p. 499) on Section 1662:  "Data from the
> Loma Prieta earthquake also indicate an amplification at long-period
> spectral amplitudes of three to six times, and the largest amplification
> occurred at the natural period of the soil deposit.  However, at stronger
> levels of ground shaking, this later data corroborates the results of
> previous studies that the motion attenuates in soft soils as the strength
> of the soil is exceeded and the soil behaves in a highly nonlinear manner."

So then, if I design using the factor given in the book, perhaps my building
would survive The Quake, but not a quake somewhat less in magnitude???

Stan Johnson, PE, Heee heee heee heee :o)))