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Permit Requirement Question

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To the List:

One of my local jurisdictions has recently adopted a policy of "Full
Design/Single Permit Application".  That means that they will not accept
applications for building permits until 'all' of the design is completed.  In
particular, I'm referring to building components and sub-systems such as Pre
engineered metal buildings and wood trusses.

In the past, these sub-systems would be 'specified' by the Building Designer
(either architect or engineer) on the construction documents.  The project would
go out for bids, and contractor selected, and the application for the building
permit would occur simultaneously with the design of the metal building or wood
trusses by the fabricator's engineer.  Submittals would be reviewed and
coordinated by the Building designer.

Under the new policy, the building department REQUIRES the submission of a
statement by the Building Designer that he has reviewed and coordinated all
sub-systems, sub-assemblies, and resulting load-paths.  That's  not an exact
quote, but it is their intent that they want 'all' portions of the design to be
fully completed and coordinated 'before' a permit is applied for.

I'll be discussing this issue at a meeting with the building department late
next week and I'd  like to know if the are other jurisdictions with a similar

My question to the list is this:  How many other jurisdictions have similar

Since this might question might get many responses, let's not tie up the
ListServer.  Instead, please email directly to me at mailto:lew.midlam(--nospam--at)
and I'll compile the results and post a summary to the List.

Thanks in advance.  

Lewis C. Midlam