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In-Situ-Testing Mailing List

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In-Situ-Testing Mailing List

                              SORRY FOR ANY CROSS POSTING

Dear List Members ,
we have the pleasure to inform You the new mailing list on Internet
about In-Situ-Geotechnical Testing.
This List is for Researches,Geologist and Practioners involved in all
aspect of Engineering
with soil. The main discussions include Geotechnics , the use of
instruments and particular aspects of those studies like Soil testing
and Environmental Geotechnology and
Geophysics in all its parts , with particular regard for the use of
Geophysics for practical researches like seismic refraction/reflection ,

electrical sounding , georadar.
We'll speak also of the great debates of Geology , giving a look to the
most advanced technologies for the sub-soil studies .
These list is an informal internet forum for discussion of ideas and
news .
The List is aimed to researchers of all over the world and we

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Best Regards
Massimo Contini