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Permit Requirement Quest

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Section of the UBC provides for "Deferred submittals," which I have 
always assumed was for the situations that Lew Midland addresses.  If the 
jurisdiction has adopted the UBC without amending this section, then I would 
assume that deferred submittals that "... have prior approval of the building 
official," and are "... list[ed on the plans as] deferred submittals..." 
would fall under this provision.

I can well understand why a building official would require everything to be 
submitted at the same time, as tracking which permits have deferred 
submittals would not be necessary.  Sometimes, pre-fabricated roof truss 
calculations/drawings never *do* get submitted once a building permit is 
issued and, if this has been a frequent occurence in your area, it could be 
the reason for the building official's requirement.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona