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Re: Online (Dennis Wish - Don't Read This)

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While I agree the listserv has provided all of the benefits you have mentioned (and can provide more), the SEAOC Online publication was providing a totally different service. There were articles with "Tips and Tricks", software evaluations and, occasionally, an editorial about the trials and tribulations of running a one man office. To me, this was the most valuable portion of my SEAOSC newsletter. For example, if you take the November edition of the SEAOSC newsletter and cut out all of the advertising, you would see how "thin" the newsletter becomes. The remainder of the publication consists of the President's message, meeting notices, new members, an announcement for NEWSletter publication deadline of Oct. 29 (?, printed in the November newsletter?), and a report on the Field Day 1997 activities. Of course, all of these articles are important but, I for one, want more. I want to read the kind of articles that I found in SEAOC Online. As I understand it, SEAOC Online will continue publication, but under different guidance with a different approach. Personally, I do not see a need to fix what is not broken.
Bill Allen 
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Date: Friday, November 07, 1997 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: Online (Dennis Wish - Don't Read This)

>If we cannot have Online in the mail, can we have it in the listserve or
>maybe a website? Actually, I didn't notice the missing Online in my Seosc
>Newsletter since I follow the listserve and........ well........who needs
>another newsletter to read. This is better and it is even interactive!!!!!.
>Whatever Dennis Wish wants to say (or even anybody) they can say it here,
>with no editor required. We just read and respond to topics we are interested
>in, anytime, anyday. I have learned a lot more from this listserve than
>anywhere else or from anybody, and it's all free. In fact, it's even better
>than some seminars that I have attended where we learn only the experience,
>judgement and opinion of one person, Anytime someone brings up a topic asking
>question or opinions from other engineers, we get a lot of responses.
>I think it is even possible to start a seminar here by just starting a topic,
>ask questions and hopefully, there will be enough experience engineers
>respond. For instance, it's been a long time since I did a tilt-up building.
>I remember that there was still a h/t limit on the wall and the panelized
>roofing consist of 2x's @ 24" oc, 4x, 6x, or GLP's @ 8'-0" oc, a series of
>cantilevered and simple span GLB's. Now, I heard that the cheapest roof
>system is the prefabricated,open web steel trusses and girders instead of
>wood purlins and GLB's. Walls have gotten thinner after the tilt-up wall test
>in the dessert as long as you just follow the formula in the UBC or ACI. I
>even heard from some Canadian Engineers involved in Design-Build Projects
>that they did a building with a wall with roof ledgers 35 ft. high and they
>used two layers of vertical reinforcements and picked the thinnest wall
>section that will work with the UBC and ACI formula. I didn't believe it at
>first but when I tried it using the formula, it works. I still would not use
>it on my job unless I get feedback from other engineers on possible and
>actual problems using such a thin wall even if it calcs out. Anyway, If I
>ever have a chance to do a tilt-up project now, I can either ask other
>engineers I know who have done tilt-ups lately, attend a seminar (if there is
>one available), or I can ask questions here at the listserve and hopefully
>get enough response to get me started. As long as other engineers are willing
>to share their experiences(good and bad), judgement and opinions, and as long
>as we use our judgement and discretion on whatever we read on the listserve,
>and we do our own research, we will all be OK.
>What I'm trying to say is that this listserve is Online Newsletter and
>MORE!!!!!! We can make it whatever we want, although there are limits and
>dangers, it is up to us.
>Ernie ******* ******* ******* ***
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