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Re: Online (Dennis Wish - Don't Read This)

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Bill Allen wrote:
 If most of the SEAOC and SEAOSC officers in fact do have e-mail addresses, I believe you (or someone) should publish these addresses in order that the membership can have access to their leadership. [To Dennis McCroskey: How about putting them on the seaoc website?] As far as "..I am sure they hear your concerns loud and clear.", please don't speak for them. Did they tell you that? Let them speak for themselves. Regards,Bill Allen
Since you asked,

1.  Our CAC group for several months now has been working on standardizing the naming structure and I believe it is about finalized, (Steve Fisher please send me the latest?).  I began putting up what we have a couple of months ago and they are currently on the web site.  I just haven't publicized its location yet until I get the site restructured properly.  Unfortunately last night I messed up something on the opening page of the web site and can't get to it to fix it.  If you would like to give some feedback or use the site go to this location:

You'll notice there is a section called Information about SEAOC.  Cruise around those pages and you'll see what email information we have so far.

2.  You will also notice there is a page set up for each committee under each section of  SEAO*.  I would like to solicit help from members of these committees in providing information for their web site.  It can be done in either of a couple of ways.  If you have knowledge of html, you can modify the pages yourself and upload them to the server.  If you world rather, send the info to me and I will post the information for you.  There are a couple that are currently being administered.  Follow this path:

Information About SEAOC
Computer Applications

Also try:

Computer Applications

3.  We also need help in maintaining the web site for each section SEAO*.
Duties would be to update officers, personnel, calendar of events or deal with any other items relevant to that section of SEAOC.  This way each section has their own web site.  It can be customized with limits, we just need to make sure the general format and links are consistent with the overall site.

4.  You will also notice on the master index in the left frame a section for Products, Services and Information Directory.  If you click this, and you will see the beginnings of this directory.  This area is under construction so be sure and wear your hard hat.    You will notice there are 3 major categories, Products, Information & Services.  Products are easy, we are listing by typical specification formats we are all familiar with.  I'm am trying to figure out how to break down categories under Information and Services, any ideas?

Not much is valid on these page yet but click Division 01 General Data, then click section 01910-associations & professional organizations.  This will give you an idea of how we are structuring the directory.  The links under the Information category represent the beginnings of this section and are a reshuffling of the WWW Virtual Library.  Under services we only have the 1 link for Engineers that leads to SEAOC members on line.  This will also be restructured sometime soon.

5.  I would also like to solicit pictures for the web site.  Most web sites have some sort of photos.  If you have photos of structural engineering interest forward them to me and I will see if I can incorporate into the site.

6.  Let me also bring to your attention that the items proposed by our committee cost money beyond our budget.  We will very soon be offering advertising space on our web site to help finance our projects.  If you know of people, companies or organizations interested in doing so please alert them.  Click the section on the master index called Advertising on our Web Site for preliminary information.

7.  On-Line has been an item we have talked about putting on the web site for over a year.  We just need for Dennis W. to send us the files.  PDF format is nice for viewing these type of documents but not necessary.  Most of it is just text and can be put on the site very quickly.  The problem I see with PDF format is that it needs to download to your machine before reading the file.  Perhaps there is a way of streaming it but I haven't figured it out.  If you want to burn up a couple of hours of computer log in time, go to the site I do for Simpson Strong-Tie and download their Wood Connectors Catalog. It's 11 million bytes but once it is on your computer, it works very nicely.

8.  As for hearing things loud and clear, I believe all of us on the committee are on the list server, who do you think big brother is?:-).  What's going on with the list server is always a topic of conversation at our meetings.

9.  If you are really bored and want to cruise the web some more, I've been assembling engineering jokes collected thru the internet at one of my new domains:

If you have any to add, please forward to me.

That's it for me today, I have to do web sites for paying customers this weekend.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions or comments about the SEAOC web site.

Dennis McCroskey