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Re: Permit Requirement Question

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Regarding your truss submittal/permit requirement question and could approach the building department with the referenced UBC code section (, "Deferred Submittals").  I would hope that any "reasonable" building department would understand the practical reason for this being newly included in the 94 code and would also cooperate in the enforcement of their/our code.  I think the specifics of the section would have to worked out as opposed to not being allowed.  Good Luck!  Steve
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From: ErnieNSE(--nospam--at), on 11/7/97 2:31 AM:

I would like to know too. And I think oher engineers wants to hear about
this. Lets keep it in this listserver unless a lot of people object.

This has been a problem with some of my jobs especially with pre-fabricated
roof trusses where the city will require full submittal for plans and calcs
for the trussses. This is a specialty item that truss manufacturers are the
experts in their design and detailing. The problem is that the owner usually
cannot hire the truss manufacturer until the contruction contract is awarded
to the winning general contractor who picks the winning truss manufacturer.
The truss manufacturer on the other hand will not spend time and effort to
provide cals and plans until they get the job. It's a catch 22 situation. I
know the city of LA requires this and fortunately, some truss manufacturers
will spend some time to do calcs and plans for some engineers only if you
know them and have worked with them on some of your jobs. 

I have argued with some cities on this requirement and sometimes the senior
planchecker or the building official will allow an exemption but not all the
time. There must be a way to standardize this requirement or at least for
them to provide guidelines on how we can provide enough information on the
plans and calcs but not the whole thing which is not practical.

Ernie Natividad

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