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Re: Online - response to Dennis Wish

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In a message dated 97-11-08 18:50:30 EST, wish(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Please support the hard copy of SEAOC Online and demand that 
 they publish the issues from this list and continue to build 
 national distribution. This is the only way we will unite all 
 engineers. >>

     Dennis, i am not sure what you mean by this. Please elaborate on how to
support the hard copy and who is "they" ?
      As a SEAOSC board member, i find that only a few other board members
say thay follow this forum on a daily basis, But i do and i hear members load
and clear. If members really want an issue taken up with the board it needs a
letter ( or better yet, from several members ) so that it is on the agenda. A
fax is just as good. See your newsletter for the number. SEAOSC executive
director Don Gilbert is a listener and had included some of the listserver
comments in the last board meeting but we ran out of time dealing with other
     I personnally think that it would be a great loss to the engineering
community if you did not continue with Online. I once cowrote a sports
newsletter  and i know it is a lot easier to criticize than to write an
interesting article. Let me know how i can help.

      Tom Harris , SE
      Thousand Oaks, CA