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Re: Online - response to Wish & Harris

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I understand SEAOC's concern about not being able to control Online
Newsletter. With their name on it, it will appear that everything in it is
approved, sanctioned or are the views of SEAOC. They could write a disclaimer
on the front page saying that the views expressed therein are not by SEOSC
..........  but this would not look good since it will create a feeling that
they are not supporting it. I don't think they distrust Dennis or anybody
writing on Online but maybe they feel that since they cannot control what is
written on it, they don't want their members or even other engineers to think
that they agree with everything on it. I remember sometime ago about a report
written on the "Seaoc Proceedings" about test results and alot of engineers
thought that this was approved by Seaoc but is not and they ended up having
to write a disclaimer that these reports are views and opinions of the author
only and not of SEOSC since they don't have the time, money and effort to
review, verify and approve such reports. They just trusted these engineers
who believe in what they are doing and feel that they are doing it for the
good of the engineering community. 

I support Online Newsletter and if SEAOC does not want their name on it ,
let's make it an independent Newsletter. Let's ask SEAOC and all the other
SEA at all the othr States for their member's mailing lists(if they want) and
anybody else who wants to receive it and send it. I know it needs money,
time, effort, etc.,in short, it needs an Organization with officers and
members paying dues(again!!!!) and volunteers to keep it running. One reason
I enjoy this Listserve is that it is fun, free!!!, and educational too. I
could get in and out anytime without the pressure and responsibility(which I
have enough of doing my job). But if it is worth it and it's benificial for
me and the engineering community, count me in.

I'm curious as to whether this listserve has SEAOC's name on it. If yes, I
hope we don't suffer the same fate as Online Newsletter. If no, let's declare
this listserve an independent Organization with all  who joined as members
and let's adopt Online Newsletter as our own(unless SEAOC claims it). Let's
have a nomination and election of officers and decide on how much is the
membership fee, all thru this listserve. As a formal Organization, as long as
we can get our views and opinions organized and resolved to a consensus, we
can get more recognition and respect from our fellow Organizations and also
the Legislature.

I think I'm getting too idealistic on this issue and on the future of this
listserve but this is how I feel right now.

Ernie Natividad

After reading the post by Tom Harris, I will add that if SEAOC wants their
name on Online, we can work with them or for them. I just hope that they can
devote some time, money and effort for us. My suggestion above was just to
relieve them of the possible problems on readers assuming that they support
Online Newslettter's views and opinions. They could still support us by
acknowledging our existence, efforts and accomplishments(?) and maybe
channeling part of SEAOC membership fees to us(heh, heh) if we do form an
independent Online Newsletter.