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Re: Permit Requirement Q

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Tom Harris wrote:

. > I believe too many truss calcs are being done by truss company 
. > technicians ( high school grad or ? ) and being sent to be rubber stamped.

According to an engineer who worked for one of the *big* truss plate 
companies, this (being rubber stamped) is exactly what happens.  Several 
years ago, at a meeting of the Tucson Chapter, SEAOA, he stated that the 
fabricators input the design information on a remote terminal, a computer 
does the analysis and design, and a licensed structural engineer stamps them 
as soon as they come out of the computer --- that he doesn't have time to 
look at them and faxes them to the fabricator.  Paraphrasing, "the computer 
program is so good that he doesn't need to look at them."

At one time, TPI essentially required the EOR to be responsible for the truss 
design.  Then, it was changed so that all requirements that are a, "condition 
of the design" were the responsibility of the truss fabricator/truss plate 
manufacturer.  Now it appears that TPI is trying to put the onus back on the 
EOR.  We can't let this happen!  A simple addition to the general notes to 
the effect that all bracing that is a condition of the design is to be 
detailed by the engineer responsible for the truss (or other proprietary 
element) design should address the problem.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona