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RE: CAD Programs

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I work for a civil firm, in which we have a small structural group, and 
Microstation is used in about 90% of our projects for this reason.  Only 
when the occasional client, particularly private or industrial clients, 
insist on AutoCad, do we use that platform, most often by bringing in 
contract folks (because it is not worthwhile for us to keep people on staff
just to use AutoCad occasionally, and you MUST "use it or lose it" when it 
comes to CAD skills).

Well answered, Bill. I am not familiar with ustn- at least not from a user standpoint- but know that often one adopts a software program not because of it's benefits to one's own company or because it is a better system but because someone who you wish to work with (or derive work from) says: "You will use this program or you will not play with us." So the argument (if one exists) as to which system is better for whatever discipline is usually moot.

H.O.K. (a very large architectural firm) goes even one step further and says: "You will use the LATEST version of AutoCAD for your work- or you will not work as one of our consultants."

Personally I don't see a problem with this approach. But don't confuse the choice by ANY firm or discipline for the type of software they use to indicate that it's chosen because it's the best for their firm or discipline! There are probably more relevant reasons why that particular app is used- usually marketing forces and positioning!

Robert Grandmaison