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Re: Permit Requirement Question

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Lew Midlam wrote: 
> Using the pre-engineered building analogy again, this would be asking me to  
> design the anchor bolts for the building.  I've yet to have a pre-engineered  
> building designer not design the anchor bolts. 
Last year I received a submittal from a pre-engineered building manufacturer 
(nationally known) with a note on the submittal stating that they are not 
responsible for anchor bolt design.  Although they tried to get out of it, 
luckily my specifications clearly stated that they must size the anchor bolts 
and I eventually got them to do it.  However, I do take responsibility for 
determining depth of embedment of anchor bolts and any hairpin reinforcement.  
I usually do a preliminary analysis of the expected building arrangement and 
show minimum anchor bolt embedments and design foundation reactions on the 
drawings.  I also specify that the Contractor is responsible for any 
foundation changes required due to alternate designs.  I then review the 
submitted building reactions during shop drawing review to confirm they meet 
my design.  (As a side note, the Contractor installed embedded anchor bolts 
based on preliminary unapproved shop drawings and the final anchor bolt 
arrangement changed, requiring the Contractor to do remedial work.)  
Regarding wood roof trusses, I currently have a project in coastal Texas where 
I specified the roof, including hurricane anchors, to be designed by a PE 
hired by the Contractor, with PE stamped drawings to be submitted for review.  
Earlier this month, the building department asked where the details of the 
roof are - I responded with a reference to the spec section identifying the 
design requirements.  I haven't heard back from them yet, so we'll see how it