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Re: E&O Coverage

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:
> I have a potential new client that would require me to have E&O
> coverage. He has not stipulated a required amount of coverage,
> but would rather leave it to me to determine what is sufficient.
> The projects that he has are typically limited to wood frame
> commercial structures and large residential custom homes. The
> two projects that I am to give a bid on are both one story
> projects 11,000 square foot each. One is a renovation to an
> existing wood frame commercial structure. The other is a very
> large one story custom home.
> Can anyone advise me as to how much coverage I should carry and
> what kind of deductible I should be paying. I understand the
> average deductible for a small firm such as mine is around
> $5,000.00.
> Can you also recommend a carrier and possibly email me a contact
> privately.
> I also understand that ASCE offers an inexpensive policy to
> their members. Can anyone who is familiar with this provide me
> with some information.
> You can contact me privately at wish(--nospam--at) unless you
> feel that the thread will be of interest to others.
> Thank you,
> Dennis S. Wish PE
> Wish(--nospam--at)

Try contacting Andy Negrete of Kirk-Van Orsdel (ASCE's E&O Carrier) at
1-800-4357931. The premium is based on your annual billings and amount
of coverage. e.g. If your annual billings are between $50,000 and
$100,000 and with $500,000. coverage/ $2,500. deductible, the annual
premium is $2,400. However if your annual billings are between 100,001
and $250,000. then the premium is $5,100. and so on. You also have to be
a member of ASCE to be qualifed.  So far, I am with them for the second
year, but I didn't file any claim so I really don't know their claim
service. Hopefully, I don't ever have to use it. If anyone know about
their services or know of some better insurance co. with competitive
rates, please let me know. Thanks.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering
Walnut, CA