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Re: E&O Coverage

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We do many large custom residential projects and carry $250,000 E&O with a
$10,000 deductible.  This has been sufficient for all of my residential
clients to date.  We are insured through DPIC.  You can contact our agent:

Joan Calnon
Dealey Renton & Assoc.
600 S. Lake Avenue
Suite 308
Pasadena, CA  91106

Wrk	(818)844-3070
Fax	(818)844-3074

Joan has been our agent for about 8 years now and has been great.  Like the
other responses you got, the premium is based on policy limits and total
office billings.  As we do a large volume of work here, we pay a small
fortune, which we finance through DPIC so it doesn't hurt so bad.  DPIC,
though, also gives us premium credits based on our successful completion of
education programs throughout the year through a program called SERMC
(Structural Engineers Risk Management Council, I think) which is very
informative.  DPIC also provides us with a lawyer we can talk to (at no
charge - other than the premium, of course) if we need to discuss something
before it becomes a claim.  This has proved to be useful many times.  Good

Bruce Resnick