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Re: Permit Requirement Question

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In a message dated 97-11-11 04:20:52 EST, you write:

<< < You'll be happy to know we are also doing structural observation on
  in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Hermosa Beach.  Malibu is currently a
  hold-out but I understand it is headed that way as well. >>
      Please clarify that you mean it is Mandatory in these cities , or do
 mean you are doing it as company policy.  >>

Tom -

I think Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Hermosa Beach are mandatory for most
projects, but not as many as LA (which seems to require it on just about
everything now).  The program is somewhat less formal in those cities.  SM
and BH are allowing us to use the 3 part LA City Str. Obs. form with the city
named crossed out and changed at the top.  HB has gone to the trouble to
change it themselves and reissue it.  Malibu just doesn't seem so interested
until it becomes an official part of the UBC and then they'll enforce it.