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Re: E&O Coverage

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Dennis you might ask Bill Allen if he still has the email I sent to him
regarding brokers I know about....the same that have already been
mentioned.( I trashed my out box.) A few things to consider about E&O. Some
clients will try contractually require you to show continued proof of
insurance 7-10 years after the project is completed. Also, even after you
retire, you will still need to maintain a trailer policy for the rest of
your life. 

Jeff Smith

>I have a potential new client that would require me to have E&O 
>coverage. He has not stipulated a required amount of coverage, 
>but would rather leave it to me to determine what is sufficient. 
>The projects that he has are typically limited to wood frame 
>commercial structures and large residential custom homes. The 
>two projects that I am to give a bid on are both one story 
>projects 11,000 square foot each. One is a renovation to an 
>existing wood frame commercial structure. The other is a very 
>large one story custom home.
>Can anyone advise me as to how much coverage I should carry and 
>what kind of deductible I should be paying. I understand the 
>average deductible for a small firm such as mine is around 
>Can you also recommend a carrier and possibly email me a contact 
>I also understand that ASCE offers an inexpensive policy to 
>their members. Can anyone who is familiar with this provide me 
>with some information.
>You can contact me privately at wish(--nospam--at) unless you 
>feel that the thread will be of interest to others.
>Thank you,
>Dennis S. Wish PE