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I would like to solicit response to a non-structural issue, yet a professional
business issue from you all on the list server.  It has to do with your
company benefits package, specifically vacation policy.  I want to find out
what the rest of the professional engineering community is doing.  The reason
I want to find out is to help solicit more vacation time from my employer. 
Our present policy provides for two weeks (10 working days) of vacation for
the first 10 years and then adds a day every year thereafter up to four weeks
(20 working days) maximum.  I think this is way below what the rest of the
industry provides so I want to get information from you all to justify it.

The way I want to handle this is for as many of you as possible to EMAIL
DIRECTLY TO ME (address below) your response instead of tying up the list
server.  I will summarize my findings and send it back to the server next
week.  Please include the following if possible;
	vacation time as it relates to time with your firm?
	Approximate size of your firm (i.e. number of people)?
	Can you carry over vacation from one year to the next?
	Do you have a limit as to the number of consecutive days vacation may be
taken at one time?

If you are a small firm, even a one-man operation, share with us what you
personally do about vacation as well.  Other one-man operations may be

Thanks for your help.  I look forward to receiving you input.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

The service mission like-minded Christian organizations
may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.