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RE: Dennis Wish Resignation

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Sent:	Tuesday, November 11, 1997 2:05 AM
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Subject:	Re: Dennis Wish Resignation

We will all miss Denish Wish's contributions to the SEAOC Online 
He literally put SEAOC on the Internet map - world-wide.  I will 
miss his
Home Alone column which gave an insight to the problems of a 
practicing civil
engineer in a small community in Southern California, besides 
giving alot of
very valuable information about computer programs and other 
concerning the designing and the construction of buildings.

I hope he will keep us all informed about his future activities 
and his
electronic newsletter, the A&E Journal.

Frank E. McClure   FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  I very much appreciate Frank's comments, 
but would like to clarify an incorrect assumption. I am not the 
creator of this Listservice or the our Web server. I can not 
take credit for the creation of this wonderful communications 
platform. This credit belongs to Shafat, Dennis McCrosky and the 
other CAC members that made it possible. My responsibility was 
solely with SEAOC Online journal and perpetuating the importance 
of this list to those not yet on-line.
As a contributer to this list, I am as equally important as you 
are, Frank, and all of the others that share their knowledge of 
engineering and engineering issues with one another. There is no 
one person to single out for accomplishments only the continued 
sucess and evolution of the common goals of the community.
I don't wish to sound ungrateful or self-serving, but have taken 
a position in private that warrants my response to your posts.
Finally, I am sure that each of you will have continued access 
to "Independent A&E" once the first issue is released and will 
hope that you will find it an enjoyable addition to SEAOC 
Online. There are very few accomplishments in my life as an 
engineer that have brought me as much joy as Online and the 
knowledge that my fellow engineers have found it to be of value 
and enjoyment.
Thank you all.
Dennis Wish PE