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Re: OSB in rain

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You want to check on a couple of things:

First check to see if any of the panels have any buckles in them.  The
buckles occur in the 4 foot dimension of the panel.  One of the 24 inch spans
will buckle downward the other will buckle upward (in a sine  curve fashion).
 This is due to the restraint from the heavy diaphragm nailing not allowing
the panel to expand.  OSB panels expand much more in the 4 foot dimension
that in the 8 foot dimension.  Check the calibration on your moisture meter,
most OSB panels are made out of Aspen.

Most of the roofing consultants require the moisture content to be at or
below 16% before roofing.  Moisture readings should be taken from the top
side as well as the bottom side of the sheet.  The top side of the panel has
a matt finish for construction safety.  The bottom side is slick with resin.
 This slick bottom makes it more difficult for moisture to get out once it
enters from the top.

Douglas Thompson, SE