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RE: SEAOSC Seminars

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From:	Williston Warren IV [SMTP:billw4(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Tuesday, November 11, 1997 6:42 PM
To:	seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject:	SEAOSC Seminars

As a new member of the SEAOSC Board of Directors, I felt the 
first item I
would address is the format SEAOSC used in presenting seminars. 
 Many, as I
do when doing a presentation, in court, mediation or otherwise 
use a
laptop, powerpoint and either an "elmo" or digital projector. 
 When using
an "elmo" or digital projector, a VCR can be used to record the 
portion of the presentation and the voice of the presentor.

I prepared a package of info, review from pc mag, on digital 
along with the price and the price make the board take a step 
But the idea was not killed, but considered for rental of 

This idea came from discussions with Don Gilbert regarding the 
sales of
seminar notes and that it represents a significant income.  I 
feel that
seminars, now that the information is becoming more techically 
deep, should
be recorded by taping a digital presentation.  This would 
require that
speakers prepare presenations with powerpoint or other packages. 
 Adding a
tape to the sale of notes would increase the sales.  This could 
memorialize special presenations or presentors.

I record litigation presentations so the notes and copy of the 
tape can be
provided to new parties to the case without gathering the entire 
group of
attornies and parties.

Anyone who feels that SEAOSC or SEAOC should pursue this tack, 
notifiy the Board or Board Member.

		Bill Warren

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  Bill, please see my comments on the SEAONC 
UCB 97 Seminar from yesterday. I think you hit on a key program 
here. Powerpoint. Not only is it easy, as you indicated, to tape 
the siminar with the appropriate projector, but Powerpoint would 
make if easy to transfer the presentation and audio to CD-ROM 
for those that would rather store seminars on disk.
Please consider this as a possibility when you discuss it with 
the board.