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Via con dios, mi amigos

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I have just spent three days away from my computer, the Internet and this
listserv. After surviving my 'Net withdrawals, I have come to realize how
much time and energy I have been putting into this listserv lately. While
some of the information has been very valuable and I have made new
acquaintances I normally would never had made, there has been a personal
toll. While I have a pretty thick skin in response to some of my "off the
wall" comments, I remain aggravated about the lack of progress our
profession is able to make. After a round of "banter" on a particular
subject in which I have a great deal of passion, I have found that there is
a residual "angst" after I have gone offline although I hope I have achieved
one of my primary goals is to get people to think.

For the benefit of my personal well being, I have decided to redirect this
energy towards some goal from which I can reap more personal satisfaction,
such as my golf game or my church or something similar. I guess I was hoping
for too much when I felt that this medium could accomplish more than what
had been accomplished in the more traditional venues. I intend to "lurk" for
a while to ease the withdrawals, but eventually I will not be a subscriber
to this listserv. I also do not intend to renew my membership in SEAOSC for
similar reasons.

I want to express my gratitude for all of the new friends I have made here
and to let all of you know these relationships will remain valuable to me as
well as all of the information I have gotten from here.

Bill Allen