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Re: SEAOSC Seminars

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From: Williston Warren IV <billw4(--nospam--at)>
To: seaoc(--nospam--at) <seaoc(--nospam--at)>
Date: Wednesday, November 12, 1997 8:19 AM
Subject: SEAOSC Seminars

> This topic has been discussed and the Board felt the projectors are too
>expensive to purchase, $5,000 - $9,000 at the time of the discussion, and
>would consider renting for individual seminar basis.  The problem as
>discussed was that not enough of the presentor use powerpoint to justify
>the expense.  I suggested that we have a seminar on powerpoint and that was
>determine to be un-sellable or un-attendable.
> If you, the membership, would support by purchase, after market seminar
>notes with VCR tapes of the powerpoint presentation and the voice of the
>presenter, you need to notify other members of the Board.
> Bill
I understand their concern. In my recommendation for CD-ROM storage and
interaction you may have missed an important point.
It is not necessary to have the softwares that create the presentations in
order to view the seminar. There are software packages that will convert any
format into a self-running application. All necessary support applications
are included on the CD-ROM and are self installing and running.

Have you ever played a CD-ROM game? The idea is actually the same. If you
purchased any books with tutorials on software (such as those for Visual
Basic) or if you own Quicken for Windows 95, you will quickly see what I
mean. Each of these has a self running tutorial which combines video clips,
graphic images and audio together to create one self-running application on
CD-Rom. Nothing else to purchase.

The initial investment by SEAOC or SEAOSC is the compiling software program
(about $600.00), a CD-Rom Writer (another $600.00), photograph or slide
scanner ($300.00), a lableing program ($200-$1,200) and the CD-ROM disk
($7.00 each). For less than $2,400.00 SEAOSC can have the tools necessary to
compile seminars into self-running CD-ROMS. It will take volunteers
interested in getting the information into the program - but isn't this why
we have committee's.

I hope this make it more clear. As a new board member, we need your support
to bring this to the attention of other board members so as to draw
interest. The rest of us can help make it a reality, but the board needs
someone to explain it as simply as possible. You are already computer
literate - and on the board. This is a very powerful attribute to possess.

Let me know what else I can offer to help them understand the potential.

BTW, I am ordering the UBC 97 seminar from SEAONC. I live too far from my
local chapter to participate and I applaude northern chapter for making this
happen. I tried to get SEAOSC to do it in 1993, but they taped one seminar
(or two) and never distributed it.