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RE: Via con dios, mi amigos

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Bill Allen has posted a lot of stupid thoughts on this Listserv, but his
post today went "above and beyond."  Here are the Top Ten Reasons why we
cannot allow Bill to carry out his threat (promise) to resign (retire)
from active participation:

10.	Listserv volume (posts) will drop 10%, and entertainment value 20%.

9.	The Listserv already has a shortage of grumpy old men.

8.	The Listserv might be overrun with CEs, PEs, and other imposters.

7.	There could soon be a regional shortage of golf balls.

6.	If misery loves company, there will be less love on the Listserv.

5.	God generally doesn't favor people named Bill.

4.	Who will be responsible for harassing Dennis Wish?

3.	He might live a longer and happier life offline.

2.	Who will be responsible for "initiating" the newbies?

1.	His family and friends will never forgive us once his attention

Obviously, Bill, all of the above is offered tongue-in cheek.
Hopefully, your thoughts of leaving us also were offered in jest.  Say
it ain't so!  If you are serious, you have my best regards and sympathy
as you regress from virtual life into real life.

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Let my words be sweet and tender today,  
for I may have to eat them tomorrow!