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E&O Coverage

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In re Kent Estes inquiry/comments on E&O requirements from an owner 
perspective, I think the architects on your building committee are correct or 
at least in the ballpark with respect to the "industry standard" coverage.  
Most commercial clients who have figured out they need to ask about E&O from 
structural engineers are in my experience requiring a one million dollar 
policy.  I have lately run into several on large projects asking for two 
million.  I have yet to run into a client who required that I carry coverage 
with a specific minimum less than one million.  Those in the market might also 
want to note that the more sophisticated insurance clauses now stipulate not 
only the amount of coverage required but the quality of the carrier (e.g., 
Best's rating AA or better).  If you go with the least expensive carrier you 
could run into problems with this.

Drew A. Norman, S.E.
Drew A. Norman and Associates