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Re: SEAOSC Seminars

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I think the point is that a video reproduction is easy to produce with
relatively less time and resources. Putting seminars on a CD-ROM in a
format that CD-ROMs lend themself too, such as graphics and interactive
features takes a lot of effort. I know James has worked on innovative
approaches to using CD-ROM's for engineering reports, so he has experience
with this medium. Characterizing his reply as a "lack of vision" is not

>> The tape I am sure will be good.  As to a CD-ROM, let's learn to walk
>>  trying to run.
>>  James Lord
>>  URS Greiner
>>  SEAOC CAC Chairman
>These days they even have CD-ROMs for children who barley know how to walk!
>It is disappointing to see such lack of vision from the leadership of our
>professional organization.
>Mostafa Oloumi, S.E.

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