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Re: SEAOSC Seminars

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    I am too familiar with the generation of a CD-ROM as you discussed that
is why I and a few others are pushing SEAOC to provide the bluebook to ICBO
for inclusion on their CD-ROM, as they have asked and have offered to
provide royalities for with no expense from either SEAOSC or SEAOC.

The point I was trying to make, after participating in may seminar
presentation both for SEAOSC and in litigation cases, the CD-ROM generation
is an after-market item.  The presentor is difficult enough to get
committed to being a presentor, let along generate their presentation on
CD-ROM format.  Most speakers want to use overhead projections of
transparencies, fewer spend time generating slides and even fewer generate
a powerpoint slide show let alone a laptop driven show that integrates
scanning photos, text, etc.

This application would be good for after-market memorialization of great
topics or speakers, structural dynamics by George Housner, etc.  To ask 5
to 10 presentor to learn this presentation format is asking too much, when
the speakers are not paid.  Getting the speakers to generate a powerpoint
generation is very difficult, and it will take SEAOSC providing powerpoint
seminars for speakers.

	Bill Warren