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RE: Re[2]: SEAOSC Seminar: UBC Overview Nov. 22

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From:	James F Fulton [SMTP:James_F_Fulton(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Thursday, November 13, 1997 5:31 AM
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Subject:	Re[2]: SEAOSC Seminar: UBC Overview Nov. 22

These topics are of interest to those involved in earthquake 
design even in
seismic zones less severe than CA.  Is there to be a set of 
papers on these
presentations which one could purchase if not able to attend ? 
 Moreover, do
I understand correctly that there possibly will be a viedo or 
CD-ROM on the
seminar, or is this just planned for the future ?

[Dennis S. Wish PE]  James,  this is not a California issue. 
Although the idea of seminar distribution is started in 
California, the goal is to distribute all technical and 
education information whether written publications or video 
seminars to engineers that can benifit from them throught the 
country and hopefull the world.
We are moving toward a universal code standard and it is 
important that these seminars which explain code changes, 
methodologies, new technologies and much more are available to 
any engineer who needs them.
If SEAOI or SEAONY or CELSOC wanted to market their seminars, 
they are welcome to and they benifit from the learning process 
that we go through to develop these programs.
SEAONC has just released a video taped seminar dealing with the 
changes noted in the 1997 UBC. A very good move on their part.
However, there are other media to develop, such as CD-ROM 
mulitmedia that you or I can view from our desktop. This is 
where the descussion is leading.

Dennis Wish PE