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RE: SEAOSC Seminars

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I think the point is that a video reproduction is easy to 
produce with
relatively less time and resources. Putting seminars on a CD-ROM 
in a
format that CD-ROMs lend themself too, such as graphics and 
features takes a lot of effort. I know James has worked on 
approaches to using CD-ROM's for engineering reports, so he has 
with this medium. Characterizing his reply as a "lack of vision" 
is not

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[Dennis S. Wish PE]  You can't fault the response if they don't 
know James background since he did not take the time to expound 
on his remark. Whether Video Taped seminars created outside of a 
studio are effective remains to be seen. One reason that I know 
of why SEAOSC has not marketed their attempts is because of poor 
video and audio when recorded in a large auditorium.
To create a video seminar from a four or six hours long event 
may require editing the video down to two hours. Any creation of 
a finished product should include appropriate editing which, in 
itself, is very time consuming.

As we have seen in the computer industry, technology jumps ahead 
almost on a daily basis. James "experience" in this matter may 
have changed since he first started to explore CD-ROM 
technology. Prices drop, new programs provide increased tools, 
distribution cost and hardware drop to meet the personal 
markets. My point is that what exists today is probably 
radically different that what James experienced six months ago.