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RE: SEAOSC Seminars

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Sent:	Thursday, November 13, 1997 8:49 AM
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	Do not let my first response give you the impression that I am 
not in
favor of your idea, just the learning curve on this one could 
stifle the
few that don't understand why the bluebook should be on a CD-ROM 
when in
their offices they only use the book version.


[Dennis S. Wish PE]  I understand your intentions and appreciate 
them Bill. See my last post to you regarding the Subject.
Putting the Bluebook on CD-Rom should be very easy. Adobe makes 
a program called Acrobat that creats a format in PDF files. I 
think I explained this before. It maintains any formating or 
graphics and compiles the literature into a readible format - 
Like viewing Time Magazine on a computer screen with an index 
and table of content included.
The beauty of the program is the ease in which it works. To 
convert the bluebook, which is probably in electronic format as 
it is, should be very simple.
I have experimented with putting SEAOC Online on our Web site in 
PDF format. Granted, the problems are simply that the other 
members of the CAC don't use Pagemaker (desktop publishing 
program) that I use to create Online. In Pagemaker, you can 
simply save the file in PDF format (there are a few steps 
involved, but nothing real complicated).  In Pagemaker 6.0 it 
took a PHD to figure out how to convert the file to PDF. In 
Pagemaker 6.51, anyone with an IQ over 75 should be able to do 
it. Technology changes for the benifit of those willing to buy 
the upgrades.
The reason you need to use Adobe Acrobat rather than simply 
convert the file from Pagemaker is that Acrobat lets you create 
a menu structure for searching the document and it lets you set 
up a table of content that looks like a directory tree.
The program costs less than $500.00 and the viewer is free (and 
can be included with each cd-rom.
Once the viewer is installed on the users computer, one only 
needs to double click on the file and it autostarts the viewer.
I have read documents that are more than eighty pages long with 
graphics in PDF format. Very nice. It retains all of the 
graphics, formats, colors and any other embellishments. You can 
zoom into or out of the screen to read it easier and you can 
seach with any word or topic the same as you can with Windows 95 
Help files. You can also print sections. The only thing you can 
not do is edit the document or convert it to editing.

If they are still stymmied, please recommend they contact me and 
I'll be happy to help.