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Re: Spiral tie reinforcing

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>I am detailing spiral ties for drilled piers with seismic forces.  It's been 
>a while since I've detailed spirals, and I can't find a copy of ACI 315 
>detailing manual right now.  I'm wondering about a few things.
>1.  Would spiral ties be smooth wire (ASTM A82) or deformed wire (ASTM ???). 
> I think smooth wire is typically used.
>2.  If so, how would you splice smooth wire?  Is a lap splice OK?  Is 48 bar 
>diameters enough?   In ACI-318, Chapter 12, I can only find splice 
>guidelines for deformed bars and smooth wire fabric.
>3.  My instincts tell me you should weld smooth bar splices.   ASTM A82 
>doesn't come out and say that the wire is weldable (no chemical properties 
>listed), but I assume you go straight to ASTM A185 for WELDED wire fabric 
>and know that you can weld it.
>Steve Uthoff


We design numerous drilled piers in the 48" to 72" diameter range.  All of
my spirals are #5's.  The piers are taking bending, so I space the spirals
at 3.5" until the 1.2X's the zero shear point depth and then space the
remainder at 6".  CalTrans does it a little different, but I don't remember
their detail.

Neil Moore, S.E.