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SEAOSC Seminars

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	I think we are talking apples, the video presenations would be for
individuals, small offices, large offices, universities, building
departments and governments.  Yes I agree that 3000 CD-ROMs at $50/ea would
make more than 100 tapes.  The point is the production of a CD-ROM is more
than the powerpoint video production, which is almost impossible to get
speakers to do now.  It is not the media, it is the education and practice
and minimum standard for speakers and presentations.  How much time is it
going to take for "Gary Hart" to prepare a presentation that can be used
for the original audience and also a CD-ROM versus a powerpoint setup that
is projected at the time of the seminar and video taped for further use.

	The further use could also be for inclusion on a CD-ROM in the future, but
the market is now for the non-linear information in his presentation for
engineer, in and out of state, universities, building departments, etc.  

	I also agree that the bluebook inclusion on ICBO's CD-ROM is a slam dunk
because ICBO has told us that they would do the conversion from whatever
format it is presently in, to Pagemaker.  The expense would be deducted
from royalities, therefore no cost to SEAOC.  The resistence is that of not
understanding the technology and loss of power.  As I noted in the last
board meeting, every month that the state (SEAOC) delays on this costs
SEAOC about $10,000.  The delay has already been about 6 months.

	Now the SEAOC argument is that presently the errata is not available, and
when it is available the CD-ROM production would have to be done over
again, assuming the ICBO runs a years worth or 15000 CD-ROMs at one time,
and not that they run about a month at one time and they deal with errata
all the time.

	It is not that they are stymmied, they are lost, lost in the control, lost
in the control, and lost in the control.  If I could further explain it I
would, and I am still pushing.