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Re: Via con dios, mi amigos

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Bill Allen wrote:

> To further illustrate (a portion of) my mentality, I have chosen to boycott
> Major League Baseball since the strike of 1994. I decided that, even though
> I have no control or influence over owners or players, I can choose not to
> subject myself to the whims of those in control. I will continue to boycott
> MLB until three things happen:
> 1.    Future strikes will not threaten the World Series.
> 2.    The designated hitter is eliminated.
> 3.    Pete Rose is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I agree with you on this to an extent Bill.  I've been very ticked off at MLB
since 1994 also.  I have no sympathy for either the owners or the players, they
are just arguing over how to divide and get more of our money.  I've been to
several MLB baseball games since then but, since I know several of the players,
managers and coaches,  I get free tickets.  There is nothing wrong with the
game, only the administration and the absurd strike zone umpires have created.

If you are in favor of Pete Rose, see one of my friends pages at:

Likewise for Shoeless Joe Jackson:

I play at least 40-50 games a year and would rather do that than engineering any
day.  If only I could make money at it.

I know this is not an enginering topic but who cares, if you don't like it,
trash it.