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RE: Via con dios, mi amigos

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Let's see now:
I started to boycott sports in generally when the the price of a 
ticket went over $4.00 and players became the richest people in 
the world short of movie stars.
I started to boycott movies when, rather than lower the price of 
admission to a theater during recession or high unemployment (or 
downsizing and fee reductions) studio's and large stars began 
bitching about loosing international royalties and royalties 
from video rentals. Imagine getting $25 million for a movie when 
the family down the block is in debt up to their ears from 
necessities of raising a family. If they took $1 million maybe 
they could bring a few hours ( or an hour and 25 minutes) 
pleasure to a family of four without going into further debt.
I started to boycott Stephen King for money mongering, Arnold 
Schwarteneiger (or however it is spelled) Bruce Willis and Demi, 
and about a hundred more that flaunt it on magazine covers with 
a costly stoogie hanging from their lips.
Can't disagree with you here!

Your comments about SEAOSC are right on the money. This whole 
Online issue and Seminar revenue issue prompted two letters from 
me to the SEAOSC board. Not one response for six hours of effort 
and six years writing Online.
Can't disagree with you here!

Via con dios, mi amigo!

P.S. Does CELSOC or NSPE deserve my change of membership?  Maybe 
we should start our own organization - but then "absolute power 
corrupts absolutly".

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To further illustrate (a portion of) my mentality, I have chosen 
to boycott
Major League Baseball since the strike of 1994. I decided that, 
even though
I have no control or influence over owners or players, I can 
choose not to
subject myself to the whims of those in control. I will continue 
to boycott
MLB until three things happen:

1.    Future strikes will not threaten the World Series.
2.    The designated hitter is eliminated.
3.    Pete Rose is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This example is used to illustrate that, while I continue to 
have passion
and conviction, this is not a position of apathy. On the 
contrary, I
selectively choose issues where I feel I can participate and 
effect change
which promotes personal satisfaction and self interest. Selfish? 
Sure. I
have no problem owning up to that label. I also believe I am not 
the only
one guilty of this phenomenon. I am certain I am not the only 
one who was a
big fan of baseball but no longer participates. This phenomenon 
can also be
seen at voter turnout in recent years.

When I first started participating on this listserv, most folks 
did not know
who I was. A few people even e-mailed me to ask me if I was a 
member of
seaoc and if I was a licensed structural engineer. The reason 
for this was
that I dropped out of participation during the early 90s. Sure, 
I did the
dinner meeting thing, the seminar thing (even the committee 
thing, Frank
Lew). After the Northridge E/Q and prior to subsequent code 
rewrites, I sent
a letter to the president of seaosc letting him know some of my 
about some of the things that could/should be included to 
mitigate future
damage. Regardless of the quality of my comments, I did take the 
time to
write a two or three page letter. I was disappointed in that I 
did not even
get a response. So, while seaoc is considering how to justify 
raising its
dues, I am reflecting on the worth of membership after 17 years. 
not so H), seaoc looks a lot like MLB.

I just want to let everyone who has participated on this 
listserv that I
have appreciated and value all of the acquaintances I've made. 
While I am
quite aware that most folks do not agree with what I have to say 
(this is
not a requirement for me stating my opinion), I do hope I have 
helped in
getting people to think. I will be checking back in from time to 
time, but
now I've got to go to the driving range.

My Best Regards,
Bill Allen