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Re: SEAOC Bluebook and ICBO CD-ROM and SEAOSC Seminars

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Ernie Natividad,

The placement of the bluebook and UBC on a CD-ROM is not an attempt to
replace the printed copies we use in our offices.  The inclusion of the
bluebook on the ICBO CD-ROM is for those who don't have a daily requirement
of the printer (book) version.  ICBO sells in excess of 1000 CD-ROMs

Just as 75% of the "hits" on the SEAOC web page are "out of California"
there is interest, intense interest, in the information on the ICBO CD-ROM
and ICBO thinks that the inclusion of the bluebook would increase the value
and the sales of the CD-ROM.  The overwhelming advantage of the CD-ROM is
the distribution of information.  There must be a reason that 75% of the
web hits are from people outside of California, presumably non-seaoc

The video recording of seminars is not and is not an attemp to replace
university professors, books, newspapers or magazines.  The video taping of
seminars on topics that are current for those engineers that did not have a
non-linear finite element class in graduate school and are being required
to provide services that include non-linear aspects, continuing education
in your office, an augment to a text book, personal experience from the
developers of the technology, i.e., finite element modeling tricks by Ed
Wilson, lets say as an example.

A goo example is the up-coming UBC 97 seminars being offered in both the
Northern and Southern Sections.  The bluebook is a document that will
continue, the 2000 code includes NEHRP and also many of the elements of the
UBC 97, but more importantly the 2000+ code committees include the SEAOC
Committees and representation.

	Bill Warren