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Re: Via con dios, mi amigos

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I'll stay with SEAOSC. At least for now, until there is a better alternative.
Is the money I spend on memership worth it?  I don't know and I don't care. I
assume it is a non-profit organization and all their revenues must be
accounted for. They must have a yearly financial statement showing where all
the money comes and goes. I believe the people runing the organization are
doing the best they can to serve the engineering community as best they can.
They have overhead cost to maintain their office(rent, utilities,full-time
personnel, etc.). I think they put some money in their seminars that is why
they are very affordable for the sake of all and not just members. They don't
have enough time time to answers all letters. Maybe if they are famous actors
or athletes with a lot of money, theycan hire somebody just to answer
letters. They work to represent us in the Legislature, protecting our
interest that will hopefully give the Structural Engineering Profession a
position of respectabitlity and integrity.  We want more structural engineers
in the future to continue our legacy. With their past accomplishments, I have
no complaints. They may not be perfect but it is good enough for me. I don't
know of any other local groups right now that will be more responsive to our
needs and interest(hint!hint!)

Running an organization is tough. You cannot satisfy everybody. There is
politics involved. It is the only local organization we have. If you cannot
afford the membership fee, just donate whatever you can. If you want to help
in any way, through committee work or whatever, I'm sure they won't refuse
you just because you are not a paying member. I remember a politician saying
something like this: "Ask not what your Organization can do for you, ask what
you can do for your Organization". 

I remember calling them once or twice volunteering for committee work but I
prefer meetings in Orange County. I guess they prefer committee volunteers
who are willing to go to their office to meet. With my job load, volunteer
work for my kids school fundraising activity, and church volunteer work(which
lately I haven't been doing), I am afraid to commit to a full time committee
volunteer work that I may not be able to give my 100%. Maybe I shouldn't have
waited for them to call me but I should have actively or aggressively pursued
such volunteering effort if I am genuinely interested in helping. Maybe this
are the kind of people they like. But realistically and for all practical
purposes, I am willing to volunteer my time and effort for committe work that
meets in Orange County. If there are others out there willing to do the same,
maybe we can convince  them to have an Orange County Chapter or something
like it.

Ernie Natividad