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RE:SEAOSC Seminars

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	Powerpoint start a long time ago along with Harvard Graphics to generate
first B/W then color transparencies.  Then the ability to create a file
that can be taken to a photo shop and have 35mm slides prepared.  

	Recently, in litigation presentations, we rented "elmos", remember the OJ
TRIAL.  An elmo is kinda like a overhead projector except that instead of
mirrors projecting on to a screen, a tv camera generates a tv signal that
is displayed over a big screen and several smaller so all the lawyers can
see.  And while going through pages of info on the platter beneath the
camera, the presenation can be recorded by attaching a vcr in the loop with
a microphone on the speaker.  Therefore the vcr tape contains what has been
on the tv screen and the presentors voice.

	As technology moves forward, now I attach my laptop directly to the elmo
and either use the "slide show" function in powerpoint or hit the space bar
to change displayed image.  Now technology marches even farther, the market
place has digital projector, that hook to the monitor output of the laptop
and projects to any size.  The Computers and Structures seminar last month
used this technology as it should be.  Each speaker had a set of "slides"
on the laptop and also video files that contained animation created by
their SAP2000 program, and all on their laptop.

	Yes I guess that we could put the information on the laptop on a read only
or read/write cd-rom, but I think the easiest first step, useful to the
widest audience, is vcr recording.

	When presented to the board that the cost to purchase a digitial projector
is from $5000 to $9000, it was decided not to invest.  It is possible to
rent them daily or weekly, I guess.  The tape produced is of the quality of
your monitor and could be viewed on a big screen, small screen, routed
through another projector, etc.

	Don't worry about be persistant with me, I am not called all those four
letter words for my charm, just ask members of the board.  Marketing is
anticipated to included with the sale of notes, which is a big revenue
source for SEAOSC.

	The CD-ROMs, you are right, ICBO does not run a years worth all at one
time either, they deal with eratta all the time as most of us know. 
*********  ICBO sells over 1000 UBC CD-ROMS a month.  ***********

		Bill Warren