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Re: APA EWS PRI 400 Wood Joists

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>1.      The joists are being promoted, in part, upon their ability to provide
>relatively long spans (up to 60 feet).  Nevertheless, the joists are
>manufactured with absolutely no camber or crown.  There is no defined
>top and bottom.  Won't deflection be a significant problem?

Regarding camber, I had a discussion with the local rep a while back. My
recollection is that they use to camber wood I joists on a special order. I
believe the open web joists can still be cambered (anyone  know?). When
using long spans for a combination roof and ceiling joist, there can be
perceptable deflections. So if you want a dead level ceiling, you may need
to isolate the roof and ceiling, or furr it level after the majority of
dead load is applied. Floors have a much higher live load
deflection/performance criteria so dead load deflections may not be as
perceptable. I would think that *extremely* deep joists would be required
to control vibration with 60 foot floor spans.

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