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CalTrans Screw Up

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As much as I tried, I couldn't stand it anymore after watching the news
tonight. I saw an article on the news about substandard welding on
California bridge work. Apparently this work is related to the seismic
upgrade program of the California bridges. According to the news report,
CalTrans has determined that welding of reinforcement in approximately 100
bridges statewide are unsatisfactory. However, again according to the news
report, CalTrans does not have the money to repair the alleged defective
welds. Therefore, the completed bridgework will remain. The news report
stated that CalTrans has determined that these "defective" welds will not
make the bridges unsafe. However, CalTrans is refusing to pay the
contractors for their work because they apparently did not perform the welds
according to specifications. One of the contractors interviewed stated that
CalTrans changed the welding requirement four months after a lot of the
bridgework was complete.

Without debating whether the technical aspects of the quality of the welds,
CalTrans has placed the general public and the contractors in a "lose-lose"
situation. CalTrans will not correct the problem nor pay the contractors.
Can you imagine one of your clients deciding unilaterally that your plans
had flaws, decided not to pay you but used your design anyway?

I believe that CalTrans should either fix the bridges or pay the
contractors. This is just one more example of how California is an
embarrassment to the industry rather than on the cutting edge.

Bill Allen