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Re: Rebar welding

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     You will find welding details for rebar to rebar and rebar to plates 
     covered in AWS D1.4 - "Structural Welding Code - Reinforcing Steel".  
     For ASTM A615 Grade 60 rebar you will need E90XX electrodes and for 
     ASTM A706 Grade 60 rebar use E80XX.  If you do not calculate the 
     carbon equivalent of the rebar you may have to preheat to 400 degrees 
     F for ASTM A615 or 50 degrees F for ASTM A706.
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Rebar welding
Author:  shake4bake@earthlink.net_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    11/19/97 9:26 PM

I am detailing a drag connection where I want to weld a #8 Gr. 60 bar to 
a 3/8" thk. A36 plate. The bar & plate are parallel to one another 
resulting in a flare bevel weld.
Anyone care to point me to the code section ACI, AWS or UBC that deals 
with weldable grade bar?
Anyone care to comment on this being a good or bad idea? (Bill? :))
Mark D. Baker