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Re: Shear strength of concrete members

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Not neccessarily true Chris...for a structure to reach capacity load it has
to develop a number of plastic hinges before it will become a "mechanism".
If the hinge fails though, you might drop the structure on someone's head
instead of gobbling up additional energy that a structure can absorb when it
goes "plastic".  Yield is not synonymous with failure when designing for life-
safety!  Any decent text on steel design should have a good discussion on
plastic analysis.  

Joe McCormick, P.E.

At 10:08 PM 11/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>What you say about the concrete shear strength is true.  But once the
>steel has yielded, the beam has failed and there is no point in checking
>the shear strength.  Also, usually the beam does not have a maximum
>moment and shear at the same place.
>Chris Towne, E.I.T.